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Meet Tim & Karah Wylie

Karah’s pregnancy was incredibly difficult and ended two months earlier than she was due. She spent seven months in and out of the hospital with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which disabled her ability to eat properly, and caused massive weight loss during pregnancy, a time in which she should have been gaining weight. She gave birth at 32 weeks and 4 days due to rapid onset preeclampsia with severe features. This condition was threatening her life and the life of her son. Her son spent the first month of his life, as a result of premature birth, in the NICU. Karah spent every moment by his side.

Despite hesitation about discomfort and uncertainty, she breastfeeds her son while simultaneously donating thousands of ounces of milk to two different milk banks. Ten months in and she is still sticking to the strict schedule of pumping every three hours to maintain a supply large enough to continue to donate milk regularly while working a full time job.

She recently signed up to be a NICU volunteer at the hospital her son was born at. Which entails making meals for NICU families, creating care packages, and generally providing a helping hand to those families in need during a difficult time.

Karah also has a seven year old stepdaughter whose life she is very involved in. Her stepdaughter is soon undergoing a major kidney surgery which may have gone undiagnosed without Karah’s diligence. Karah works full time & cares for two children with health issues, whilst keeping a smile on her face and always thinking about others. We at Beluga Air want to nominate Karah as our Mother of the Year for her inspirational dedication to not only her children but others as well and the will to keep fighting in the face of adversity.

We’re proud to be a part of the San Antonio Community and are determined to give back.

Karah will be receiving an Air Scrubber and a bouquet of flowers as a result of winning this nomination. She is also now in the lead for winning our full system giveaway at the end of the summer.

Charity Giving

So far we have given away…

  •  2 Six Flags Passes to celebrate San Antonio fiesta!
  •  A Dinner for 5 at Mi Tierra to help bring families together during Cinco De Mayo.
  •  An Air Scrubber and Mothers Day Flowers to show our appreciation to our mothers in the world, who work so hard to take care of their children as well as help make our community a better place

Upcoming Charity Events

We are giving away…

  • A Memorial Day Bio Fresh and Chemically Clean to show our support for our troops who valiantly served for our country. 
  • A Custom Father of the Year Yeti Cooler presented by Beluga Air to show our appreciation for our Fathers who do their best to provide for their family and also make our community a better place. 
  • Lastly we will be giving away a brand new free HVAC system to a family in need. We want to thank our loyal customers and truly show our appreciation to San Antonio. Without you all, we could never thrive as a company
Beluga Air Summer of Giveaways!