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HVAC San Antonio Mothers Day Giveaway

Enter Our Mother's Day Giveaway to win a $1,300 Air Scrubber!

May is For Mothers, and we want to reward a very special mom! So get posting and tell all of San Antonio, every day, what makes your Mom so special and why she deserves to win!

Nominate Your Mother for flowers delivered to her and a $1,300 Air scrubber to help keep the house clean.

HVAC Mothers Day Giveaway

We will be looking for Outstanding Mothers to Feature and Highlight. Outstanding Mothers will receive Honorary Titles and Additional Points.

Giveaway Rules:

The Rules Are Simple! 

(subject to Terms & Conditions below)

  1. The Competition lasts for the entire month of May. 

  2. Entry Method: Post about a Mother you look up to on Facebook or Instagram. We encourage you to make multiple posts!

  3. You must Tag Us. (Beluga Air)

  4.  You must use the Giveaway hashtags. #Mayisformothers #MyBelugaAir

  5. You will only earn points on the posts that follow the listed criteria.

  6. 1 point will be awarded for each like you receive

  7. 2 points will be awarded for each unique comment, 1 per commentor. 

  8. You will receive 3 points for each unique share you receive.

  9. Make the posts are compelling! We will be choosing people who inspire us the most and will be nominating them for honorary titles. All title winners will receive additional points. 

  10. Points will only be counted on May 31st at 4pm

  11. All changes made after the counting process will not affect the runnings. 

  12. Most Points Wins!!!

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Terms & Conditions:

The May is For Mothers giveaway is subject to the following terms and conditions. The entry window is between 5.1.23-5.31.23 at 4pm. Entry method:  post on on Facebook or instagram and tag Beluga Air. Post must be made about a mother that is being nominating to win the prize. Posts about said winner can be made by more than one person. Repeat posts will not qualify for points . Each post must be unique. All posts will be scored on the following criteria. One point will be awarded for each like a post receives. Two points will be awarded for each unique comment the post receives. Comment points can only be earned once per commenter.  Three points will be awarded for each share a post receives. The shared post will not generate its own points. Only one prize winner will be awarded. Beluga Air is not responsible for the accuracy of the point totals. We will attempt to be as accurate as possible. If your points were not counted and you feel as though there has been a mistake, you can contact Beluga air with information and evidence to support your claims at All email claims for recounts must be submitted with the subject line: May is For Mothers Mistake. The winner of the giveaway will be the person nominated not the nominator. The winner will receive the Grand Prize of Flowers delivered. The method of delivery is to be determined by Beluga Air. The air scrubber will be supplied by Beluga Air and Installed by Beluga Air at no const to the winer. The winner will be chosen after June 1st. Beluga Air is not liable for any issues with the Air Scrubber or the system worked on after the air scrubber is installed. By accepting the prize the winner waives all rights to a claim should an issue arise with their system after the air scrubber is installed. Beluga Air is not affiliated with Air Scrubber or its parent company. No official partnership has been made. This giveaway is sponsored solely by Beluga Air. Conditions may change at any time. Beluga Air reserves the right to choose the winner in any manner we see fit. No one is entitled to the prize. Purchasing a service from Beluga Air does not grant you the prize, nor do we guarantee that anyone who purchases a service will receive the prize. BY entering the giveaway you consent to allow Beluga Air to repost the content submitted in the giveaway. You also agree to  these terms and conditions. Verbal Consent will also be accepted as understanding of rules, terms, and conditions. Beluga Air may decide to disqualify any person for any reason at any moment from the giveaway. Honorary Titles: Titles will be given to the Nominees of Beluga Airs choosing. We will give out honorary title to whomever we see fit and will award them any number of points for their prize along with the title. Titles are not verified or accredited and are only for entertainment purposes. Honorary Titles hold no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for any services. Beluga Air reserves the rights to give titles to whomever we se fit ay any moment for any reason. Points: The points awarded throughout the giveaway will remain active throughout the entire Summer of Giveaways Sweepstakes. Only the points earned during this giveaway will count towards determining the winner of this giveaway. Points earned prior to or after a giveaway will only be counted for the Sweepstakes Prize.  Points hold no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for anything. After the Summer of Giveaways Sweepstakes ends all Points will be invalid and will no longer be recorded. Nominees: Mothers nominated must be currently living in San Antonio to qualify for prize winning. Nominees must be above the age of 18 to be considered for the prize. Prize must be redeemed within 30 days after the winner is selected and notified. 

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