Save $420 off of the Beluga Air Sanitation Bundle

Fight back against germs and Viruses

Viruses are lurking in your HVAC system waiting for the best opportunity to strike and make you sick. Sanitizing your HVAC system when the weather changes and the cool humid air causes microbes to grow in your system is a great way to help keep your family from getting sick! Cleaning out your air conditioner also helps to prevent build up caused by those nasty microbes that clog up your system and increase your bill.

Do You Get Sick Every Time The Seasons Change?

Each year when the weather changes people experience the strange phenomenon of getting sick. Kids are back in school spreading illnesses, but where do they start? It can be hard to pin point one exact reason why everyone gets sick, but one issue for certain is your HVAC system. As the weather cools down, the humidity in the air changes and these changes can cause the stagnant bacteria and viruses that have built up in your HVAC System to multiply. This makes your HVAC System a breading ground for all kinds of issues and those issues are being blown all over your home.

Save $420 On a Huge Bundle Of Services!

$799.95 worth of services for only $379.95

    • UV Light – $395.00 (Coil Sterilizer)

      • UV Lights provide 24/7 Sterilization of your coils and system housing. They prevent clogs in the summer and keep your air clean all year round. 

    • Bio Fresh Treatment – $325.00 (Duct Sterilizer)
      • Our Bio Fresh treatment uses clean safe chemicals to sterilize your Air systems Duct work and clear out any microbial growth. 

    • Heat Tune up – 17 Point Inspection – $79.95
      • We will thoroughly inspect and tune your entire heat system. 

    • This whole process helps to keep your system clean, safe, and running at optimal performance. It protects your system from breakdowns and improves efficiency. 
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