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AC Repair

Expert Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio TX

AC Repairs That Won’t Blow Your Budget

The Expert Team from Beluga Air is here to help you when you need fast! We have the training and equipment to find the problem that is causing your Air Conditioning Unit to blow hot air instead of ice cold air! For a fast and friendly repair from experienced, certified technicians, call Beluga Air now! We’ll do everything we can to fix your HVAC issues and make your family comfortable again. There are so many different AC service companies to choose from however our great 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp show that our customers love us. Give us a chance to prove it and call us now.

Air Conditioning HVAC Jobs in San Antonio TX
AC Repair

Rebate for Installing New Efficient AC Systems and/or Insulation!

Homeowners can get a variety of energy rebates each year. Equipment rebates may include:

Central Air Conditioners


Only certain units qualify for rebates and our team can guide you on exactly what to install! Contact us today to get information. We’ll fill out the forms and do all the work so you can start saving money!

What Is Our 18-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

  1. Check Freon Levels
  2. Check Compressor Amps
  3. Check Drain Lines (Blow Out to Prevent Water Leaks)
  4. Check and Rinse Condenser Coil (Outdoor Unit)
  5. Check Condenser (for Level)
  6. Check Evaporator Coil (Make Sure There Is No Freon Leaks)
  7. Check Oil Condenser Fan Motor (If Needed)
  8. Inspect and Tighten Condenser Electrical Connections
  9. Laser Temperature Test
  10. Calibrate T-Stat (If Needed)
  11. Inspect Air Filters
  12. Check Blower Motor
  13. Check High Voltage Controller
  14. Inspect Evaporator Coil and Plenum (If Accessible)
  15. Check Blower Housing for Microbial Growth
  16. Check Blower Amps
  17. Visually Inspect Ducting Condition (Air Leaks)
  18. Check Insulation Levels in Attic
AC Repair
“After coming home with a newborn to a non-working AC, we needed to act quickly, to say the least. Joe and his team were great to work with and were out installing the new system within a couple of days. The 2 gentlemen that came out were very fast and thorough when walking us through the steps on how to use the new equipment. Joe came out again after about a week just to make sure everything was running smoothly and that we were satisfied with it. I highly recommend Beluga Air to anyone who is in search of a great product, great customer service and competitive pricing!”
Cesley G.
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