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AC Repair

Duct Sanitation

Funky Smell When Your AC Turns On? Yep, You’ve Got “Dirty Sock Syndrome.” It’s Very Real & We Can Fix It!

Beluga Air can give you a free estimate to clean and sanitize your air conditioning ducts in San Antonio. The process is affordable, simple, effective, can eliminate yucky smells and even help reduce your allergies! Our team of experts can perform this service in just a few hours!

Bio fresh treatment are used with green chemicals that are not harmful to pets or plants and acts as a cleaner, disinfectant, fungicide and mildew stat. The process only takes 45 minutes and will eliminate strong odor, mildew & or mold. Works both Residential and Commercial Air Systems. 


Bio Fresh treat only sanitizes and eliminates odor to any air systems. It does not clean them. If cleaning is necessary recommendations will be provided to the customer.

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Our Team Can Sanitize Your Ducts Today!

  • Sani-zone sanitizes air system (ducts)
  • Sani-zone kills germs
  • Sani-zone removes harmful mold and mildew
  • Sani-zone disinfects and cleans hard non-porous inanimate environmental surfaces such as air vents, ducts boards of any kind, grilles, diffuses and other hard surfaces where microbial contamination may accumulate.
  • No side effects to equipment, surfaces or animals
  • leaves a citrus scent
  • Sani-zone is prayed on plenum, return and coils
  • Odor-gone is specially developed synergized enzyme that is aerobic, anaerobic and facultative in nature.
  • Digest organic waste
  • Non-acidic or Alkaline
  • non-pathogenic and non-toxic
  • eliminates strong odors
  • certified salmonella free
  • Harmless to plants
  • Highly resistant to disinfectants, detergents, sanitizes & free chlorine
AC Repair
“Beluga Air and their staff are professional, courteous, well priced, and most importantly conduct excellent work. I will continue using them for any HVAC related work and recommend you do the same.

Thank you to Joe and his team at Beluga!”
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