Beluga Air Memberships

Annual HVAC Memberships are available to help keep your system running for as long as possible.

Save 70% OFF on a HUGE Bundle of services with an Annual HVAC Membership

Our Annual Service Agreements were designed to keep your system running as long and as optimal as possible for the least amount of money.

$779.90* worth of services for only $19.95 a month!

Included In The Bundle:

  • 2 Free Service Calls
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 10% Discount on All Repairs
  • One year Warranty on Parts Replaced
  • One Year Warranty On Labor
  • Chemically Clean Condenser Coil
  • Bio Fresh Treatment
  • A/C Tune up – 18 Point Inspection includes: Check Freon Levels, check Compressor Amps, check Drain Lines (Blow Out to Prevent Water Leaks) Check and Rinse condenser Coil (Outdoor unit) check Condenser ( for level) check Evaporator Coil ( Make sure there is no Freon Leaks) Oil Condenser Fan Motor (if needed) Inspect and Tighten Condenser Electrical Connections, Laser Temperature Test, Calibrate Thermostat (if needed) Inspect Air filters, Check Blower Motor, Check High Voltage Controller, Inspect Evaporator Coil & Plenum (if accessible) Check Blower Housing for Microbial Growth, Check Blower Amps, Visually Inspect Ducting Conditions ( for Air Leaks) check Insulation levels in Attic
  • Heat Tune up – 17 Point Inspection includes: Gas Furnace, Heat Pumps, Wall Furnace Check Gas Valve, Laser Temperature Test, Calibrate Thermostat (if needed) Oil Blower Motor, Vacuum Return Air Chamber, Clean Pilot Assembly (if applicable) Clean Flame Sensor (if applicable) check and clean Combustion Air, Check Carbon Monoxide Leaks, check all safety controls, Visually Inspect Ducting condition (Air Leaks) Check Motor Amperage, Check all Electrical Components, Check Air Filter and replace (if applicable), Lubricate all moving parts, check Igniter system  
*Price determined from the cost of booking individual services included in the bundle

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All Members also receive 10% of all service tickets.

Bio Fresh Treatment is 1 visit per year. Bio fresh treatment are used with green chemicals that are not harmful to pets or plants and acts as a cleaner, disinfectant, fungicide and mildew stat. The process is 20 minutes and will eliminate strong odor, mildew & or mold. Works both Residential and Commercial Air Systems. EPA APPROVED and USDA ACCEPTED Chemically Clean Condenser is 1 visit per year. During the cleansing process, your condenser will be partially disassembled. This allows us to gain access to apply the cleansing agent throughout the condenser. The applied cleansing agent is left to stand and activate to dissolve debris that has accumulated over the year such as airborne bacteria, dust, and dirt. Your condensation drainage pipes are also flushed with a cleansing agent along with compressed nitrogen to confirm proper drainage and cleanliness. It is recommended to have this cleaning process once a year