An Easy Guide: What To Know When Replacing Your HVAC System


HVAC Replacement San Antonio: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for an HVAC Replacement in San Antonio? It’s important to understand what to consider before making this type of decision. In this guide, we will discuss the steps you should take to make sure you get the best system for your home.

First, you’ll need to calculate the tonnage and SEER rating for your home. Then, you’ll want to understand the different types of systems, such as gas, heat pumps or electric. Understanding the types of systems will help you decide which is best for you. Finally, you’ll want to consider why you should choose Beluga Air to replace your HVAC system.

At the start of the process, you will want to consider why you are replacing your current HVAC system. Is it because it is outdated, inefficient, or simply too expensive to operate? If you are replacing it for any of these reasons, you are making a wise decision, as replacing your HVAC system can provide many benefits.

Calculating Tonnage and SEER Rating

Making sure that the right tonnage and SEER rating are chosen for your home when replacing your HVAC system is essential. So, it’s important to understand what tonnage and SEER ratings are before deciding which system is going to work best for you.

Tonnage is a measure of the cooling capacity of the HVAC system. It is measured in BTUs per hour, which is British Thermal Units, and it is usually expressed in tons for a central air conditioning system. The tonnage rating determines the amount of cooling the system can produce in an hour.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a ratio of how much energy is used compared to the amount of cooling the system can produce. The higher the SEER rating is, the more efficient the system is. The minimum SEER rating is 13, and it can go up to 21, depending on the system.

Calculating the tonnage and SEER rating needed for your home is vital. It is important to get the right size system for your home to ensure that your system is working efficiently. To calculate the tonnage, look at the size of the home in sq ft, then divide that number by 500. This should approximately be the correct size in tonnage for your system. The seer rating is up to your preference. In 2023 the SEER2 laws passed resulting in systems needing 15.2 Seer or above. A simple rule to follow is the higher the seer rating, the more energy efficient the system is.

Types of Systems

When it comes to replacing an HVAC system, it’s important to understand some of the options available to you. Gas, heat pumps, and electric systems are the three main types of systems, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Gas systems are the most common type of heating and cooling systems. They are excellent for providing reliable and consistent heating and cooling throughout your home. Gas systems make use of natural gas or propane. They’re also energy-efficient and are generally the most cost-effective type of HVAC system.

Heat pumps are a type of system that works in both the summer and winter months. It is great for homes with moderate climates because it can both cool your home during the summer and warm it in the winter. Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from one place to another, so they are more energy-efficient than gas systems.

Electric systems are the most efficient type of system because they use electricity as the main source of energy. They usually are less expensive to install than gas or heat pumps, but they are more expensive to run and maintain. Electric systems are also highly efficient in cooling and heating and can be used to regulate the temperature of your home.

It’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of system before deciding which one is best for you. It’s also important to consider your climate and the size of your home when deciding on a system. Consider the pros and cons of each type of system and find the best one for your home.

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